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Let's Go to Italy Together!Victoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Style

Simple Ways to Enjoy Italian Ways on Your Next Trip to Italy

If you want to experience the real Italy and its rich and delightful way of life, and not culture shock, frustration or disappointment, this is the Italy travel guide for you!

Compact and to-the-point, Victoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Style is the perfect companion for your next trip to Italy. And whether it’s your first or your fifth trip, it’s an essential must-read to make it your best trip to Italy!

These insider travel tips give you practical, no-nonsense advice and insights that will not only enhance and enrich your experience but will deepen your appreciation for the Italian culture.

From Italian “food rules” to safety and shopping tips, Travel TipZ Italian Style is your ideal travel partner. Written from extensive personal experience and research, and a deep rooted love for Italy, Victoria’s lighthearted point-of-view is engaging and informative. (It’s also perfect for the armchair traveler – it may even inspire you to plan that trip!)

You’ll say grazie …

Victoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Style will be your ultimate travel accessory. Don’t forget to take it along, you’ll be glad you did!

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