Rome-ing the Eternal City!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Rome Eating Italy 2014 I’m a huge fan of taking tours. City tours, walking tours, museum tours, whatever. If possible, I love having a local tour guide but even an audio tour is welcome.

Yes, I love doing research ahead of time so that I have an idea of what I’ll be seeing; it’s just so rewarding and enriching for me. But to walk around with a guide book or brochure in hand or trying to listening to a podcast and figure out what’s what – nope. Been there, done that. Don’t like it, don’t advise it. Plus, with local expert/guide you can ask questions and enjoy a far more interactive and meaningful experience.Let's Go to Italy Together!So, when I returned to Rome in April of this year (2014) I wanted to book tours with local experts. I hadn’t been to Rome in many, many years and the idea of trying to navigate this amazing sprawling city solo was a bit overwhelming. So, I wrote down my list of sites that I absolutely had to revisit and felt required tours, then the secondary list of sites I could do without a tour (if I had the time and energy!) or save until next time.

I mapped out my 6-day stay so as to leave wiggle room and not over-schedule and then began researching for the tours that would best fit my schedule and what I wanted to experience.

Since I love “in-depth”, lots of history and details, I looked for local tour companies with that expertise…and I found several. I narrowed down my choices and I wasn’t disappointed!

So, when I knew I was going to return to Rome in fall (2014) I turned to the same two tour companies and added two more to my “wish list” – and this time, when asked if they would sponsor my tours, they all said “si”!

And now I say, grazie!!!

Let's Go to Italy Together!So, Let’s Go Rome-ing Together, Shall We?! Read About:

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Grazie Otravio!

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Let's Go to Italy Together!

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